Saturday, July 23, 2011

Some Red Flags to watch for when getting Free Samples

I got this Email and thought I would share it. It gives Red Flags to watch for when getting Free Samples :

You see them on television or the Internet, often for cosmetics or other products: call now for a free sample! Since few things in this world are truly free, prepare yourself by learning to watch out for the following red flags. 

1. Don't give your credit card number to cover "shipping and handling" if you call for a free sample.

2. Ask what the price is if after giving your address and other mailing information, you are told that monthly shipments of the product will arrive at the regular, or special, price. This might be a good time to decline and terminate the order.

3 .Ask the order taker if you may cancel at any time if you want to receive the product. Also ask if you may delay shipments and if unwanted shipments are refundable. Listen carefully to the answer, as you still have a chance to cancel. Some companies do not allow refunds on certain promotions and give only credit for exchanges.

4. Try your free sample right away after it arrives. Decide if you want to continue to receive the product. The package should contain a receipt with the appropriate phone number. If you decide you don't want any more shipments of the product, call immediately to cancel future orders, before the next order is charged to your credit card account.

5.Call the company to see if a refund or exchange is available if you forget to cancel or an order arrives unexpectedly. If you truly feel you have been misled, you can try to have your credit card company remove the charge from your bill.

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