Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Free deals at Walmart

I went today to Walmart and found the Free Deals !! Some are having trouble finding them in the stores. The Tide Travel Size is in the Travel section.So use your $1 off coupon off any detergent that came in the P&G you make .3 overage.  My Walmart was out :( . But they had the spot for it. I will be back lol The Degree is in the Travel section. Use your $1 off any Degree men's or Women's that came in the P&G and make .3 overage. Then last but not least the one a lot are having problems with Cascade is in the isle with the other Cascade . It is on the same shelve . With the $1 off coupon that was in the P&G you make another .3 overage. I hope you all can find these great deals for your self. Happy hunting.

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