Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Make a $1 in RR at Walgreens

If you were lucky to get the Free Assie Product coupon up to $3.99 from FB promo and or The Herbal Essence Free product coupon up to $3.99 you can make a $1 each in RR at Walgreens right now. They have it on sale for $3 and you get $1 in RR back . So you make $1 RR off it with no money up front !!! Just make sure if you have both of these coupons do Two different transactions so you get both $1 RR . If you do them in the same transaction you will only get one $1rr back due to they are from the same company . Walgreens has that silly rule you can't get more than one RR from the same Company. This worked for me . I hope you were Lucky to get this coupon to be able to do this great Money maker deal.

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